How to get on the $CETUS IDO Whitelist?

Universal Basic Asset
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How to get on the $CETUS IDO Whitelist $CETUS #IDO and #Whitelist policies:

Universal Basic Asset, as an ecological partner of Cetus, has a partial whitelist allocation as follows:


As mentioned above, it’s not necessary to be whitelisted to participate in the IDO but there will be whitelisted users. Each whitelisted user will have a particular protected quota, and the protected quota will be filled with priority during the IDO final settlement.

How To Get Whitelisted?

A. TVL Activities

We will take a snapshot of all liquidity providers’ positions on Cetus (Sui mainnet) from May 3 to May 7.

For wallet addresses offering more than $1000 liquidity on Cetus, 100 Level 1 Whitelisted will eventually be drawn.

For valid address evaluation, only liquidity provided for the $SUI-$USDC, $USDT-$USDC, and $ETH-$USDC pools will be considered. In addition, if the position is temporarily stopped, its price range must not deviate more than 30% from the current price.

All the above criteria will be evaluated on the Sui main website.

B. Universal Basic Asset Community Exclusive

Universal Basic Asset’s users complete the task and we will draw 100 Level 1 whitelists

C. Marketing Cooperation

We will work with some of our eco-partners, media platforms, and social communities to give away 100 Tier 1 whitelists.

Thank you for your support.

UBA Team



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