UBA’S Monthly Report!

  • Continue to iteratively optimize the mining website.
  • Has fixed some bugs and errors.
  • Partnerships with BinanceNFT, Polygon, and OEC Network.
  • Launched Equity Token as a governance token and UBA as the basic token.
  • Run 2 Airdrops bots at the same time (collaboration with some community)
  • Run 3 Airdrops Instant Claim at the same time (Equity Daily Draw on Polygon & OEC and Equity User Rewards for old users)
  • Launched UBA CRYPTO TRADER NFTs on BinanceNFT
  • Awarding Loyal NFT Holders.
  • AMA with https://t.me/OKCNetwork



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universal asset

universal asset

UBA is a new kind of initial capital for metaverse and future digital assets.