Universal Basic Asset (UBA) launch the soul token SUBA


Respected user:

Universal Basic Asset (UBA) will launch the soul token SUBA as proof of identity at 00:00 AM on 11th Mar 2023 (UTC), and users who have registered at uba. finance before 00:00 on February 12, 2023 (UTC time) can claim it.

More details:

SUBA is divided into 5 levels, based on the registration time, online time, the number of invited friends, the number of NFT holdings, etc. The higher the SUBA level received, the more UBA Airdrop you will get in the future. In addition, UBA Airdrop will occasionally come and the opening time will be notified. Users who have SUBA can receive it for free during this period!

How to get SUBA:

Thank you for your support!

UBA Team

Mar 10, 2023



Universal Basic Asset

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