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Universal Basic Asset
4 min readSep 20, 2021


Let’s Read The Introduction and Beginner’s Guide

The universally shared experience of living through a year long, world-wide pandemic has only reinforced universally shared truths: wealth inequality is massively increasing, even in times of crisis. During the pandemic, billionaires increased their wealth by 69%, while global workers suffered unprecedented increased rates of food insecurity, financial instability, evictions and more. If there is one lesson taken away from this experience, it’s that time is of the essence in addressing such stark inequality. Introducing, the concept and framework of Universal Basic Assets.

Universal Basic Assets are the proposed framework for a more equitable future. The issue we face today isn’t income inequality, its asset inequality. Assets (anything of value that can be converted into cash like stocks, rental properties, etc.) are the true marker for understanding the wealth gap. Those without assets are unlikely to survive without earned wages from a job. They don’t have a backup plan or a safety net that people with assets are literally afforded.

As defined by the Institute for the Future, Universal Basic Assets (UBA for short) represent a “core, basic set of resources that every person is entitled to, from housing and healthcare to education and financial security”. This includes physical and financial assets (land and cash) and also digital assets (data and digital currencies). Our mission is to begin with a digital approach to UBA, starting with a technological framework for equitable access to capital for any and all users, to spend and invest as they see fit.

At UBA.Finance, we are introducing a new kind of digital capital. While most are familiar with capital in the sense of physical assets or cash, we are working on the capital of the future, with an entirely digital and technologically based existence. With accessibility from simply a phone or computer, anyone and everyone can participate in accruing assets to secure a stable future, whether the assets are spent or invested.

How does getting Universal Basic Assets even work? Where do I start?
In our pursuit of an equitable future for all, obtaining digital UBA is as simple as logging onto our website. As access to technology continues to expand worldwide, so will access to digitized assets like ours. 1 unit of UBA is the 1st step to a more equitable future.

Although our framework utilizes the 21st century digital mechanisms of mining, cryptocurrency, block chain technology and more, you don’t need to be a tech wizard to to get started. In creating a system where you are involved as soon as you log on to our website, we aim to eliminate knowledge, technology and information barriers that further perpetuate wealth inequality in our world.

So how do you start? It’s as easy as logging onto https://uba.finance/. Once you are there, your digital presence and participation are enough to start gathering UBA units. While cryptocurrency like Bitcoin relies on literal computing power (that remains inaccessible for those without resources to obtain it), your IP address is all you need.

In the pursuit of equity, UBA proposes a 10% equity in mining through it’s entire mining span. In layman’s terms, this means whoever participates in using the website gets a fair share of the digital assets obtained, no matter who you are or where you are from.

Finally, and maybe most importantly, UBA eliminates the middleman. Gone are the days of transactions with banking and Wall Street corporate institutions that often facilitate their own gain and greed. Instead, UBA’s intent is to function as a decentralized actor with community involvement, meaning more opportunity to achieve equal asset distribution for all involved. For the more tech savvy, the block chain runs on Proof of Work to ensure a secure and decentralized digital infrastructure.

Why is UBA important, why should I care, and why now?

Millionaire and billionaires don’t waste a second to accumulate wealth they don’t even need, so why should you waste anytime in securing your own future? Time is of the essence, and there is no better time then the present to get started.

The general pursuit of UBA, whether through digital or physical mechanisms, is a community effort in every aspect. Joining other participants on our website contributes your IP presence to our mining effort, meaning greater accumulation of assets for everyone. Outside of our website and in your community, sharing ideas and working together towards tangible solutions is only possible with the help of each other. In times like these, we have witnessed the power of community efforts, especially when community is all we have to depend on to make it into the future. The time is now.

How can I learn more about UBA? What else is out there?
For a more general learning overview of UBA, check out the inspiration for this all — The Institute for the Future’s Manifesto and Action Plan. We hope it inspires you as much as it has inspired us.

Looking to begin your digital journey and what to know where to start? Visit us at https://uba.finance/. Not only will you start your journey towards asset equality, but you can join like minded individuals on our discussion forum to move the conversation forward. So not only will you start building up your assets, but you will find a platform for global learning, international perspective sharing, brainstorming, and a community based effort to move the conversation forward into the future.



Universal Basic Asset

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